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The sun is out, the windows are open, the air is crisp and warm… what more could we ask for?  I have been dying to dig in and work on some of my new bags with the beautiful spring fabrics.   Why is it that each time I see a new Amy Butler fabric I think I MUST have it?    Good thing I spent the cold days reworking my studio, more room for fabric!

For your viewing (and buying) pleasure…

Handmade Purses by Vicki Ray

Cari in Dandelion

Boho Birds in beautiful spring colors

Handmade bag by Vicki Ray

Summer Soiree in a bold mix of summer flowers.

Handmade Bags by Vicki Ray

The beautiful oak fabric gets me every time.

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After a long weekend at the beach, I came back productive and ready to roll.   So to celebrate (and move some of these bags from my studio) I am offering a short term sale.  See what you can find!  Some of the newest bags are on my private sale page.  Come and get em!!

One of the bags currently on markdown.

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Big, I mean Big Markdowns!  🙂  Did that get you?  How about this – SUPER DUPER sale Prices???  Ok, this should work –

Brand New Styles at TAG SALE prices. 

I find the best way to get creative is to have a huge sale.  Keeps me on my toes.   Be sure to pop in and get your bag early, they will go quickly. 

Here are a few of the styles I have marked down for a short short time.

Yummy Sling Bag

The Mary Messenger in Mixed Marbles

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Whew!  I have had an idea in my head for this bag for a while, but it was a tough pattern to create.  (for me that is)  I’ll be making this bag with or without zippers.  In fact, I did make one for myself without a zipper. Pretty exciting, I never carry the newest bags.  But I forced myself to make two at one time so I could.  🙂    I’ll post that photo too.  What I love about carrying the magnetic closure version of this bag is when I want to dig in there to locate something it opens up really wide.  Kind of like a bucket.   Just my speed.  In fact, way way back when I needed a diaper bag  I would have used this rather than the ugly versions we had!Large Handmade Tote

Here is my very own bag!  🙂 

Large, Funky Handmade Tote

See how I can fill the insides …. It will never be this empty again! 


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Thinking back…. wwwayyyy back….. 23 years ago… the only options I had for a boy’s diaper bag were “pure baby” (and we all know what I mean by that! )  Or a nice, stylish *cough, cough* tan canvas bag with a beautiful 😉 navy trim.    Well I often think of the Mom’s out there with little boys.  I am so happy whenever I do find a fabric combination that works for a MOB (mom of boy).  Here is my latest.  I found this bird fabric to be just adorable!  Here is my latest at KeetaCollection.com.     Not only a diaper bag,  this makes a wonderful all day tote.

Not a Tan Bag!

Not a Tan Bag!

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Wallstreet Bailout Bag

As I was watching wallstreet go crazy yesterday, I pulled out this fabric.  I have used this fabric in the past a bit.  So I mindlessly mixed and matched my blues and browns and before you know it, I felt the stress of the financial crisis leaving my body and my mind.   It was chicken soup for my soul yesterday, this familiar fabric I love so much.   Take a trip over to my website and see what you think.  www.KeetaCollection.com

What are you doing to keep sane in these times?  Any creative comforts?

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Whew!  I just added these key fobs to my website, they are made by my very talented, sweet (insert more parental gushing here) daughter.   Too much computer time today, so I will talk more about these later, but had to brag just a little.

Stop in at www.KeetaCollection.com and take a peek! They are adorable and useful.

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