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With the start of a new year there comes a time of reflection.   As I look over the past year I can see how blessed I have been.   The highlight was the birth of our first grandchild.   I have been fortunate to have a good bit of time with him.


Looking back I also am grateful for the business my daughter and I share,  oh koey, has kept us quite busy.    We sell mostly from etsy and have a great time working together.


With the baby and the business I have decided that I need to simplify a few things.   In order to free up more time (and therefore scoop up more baby time 🙂  )  I have given up wholesale accounts.    The best part of that is that I can create more one of a kind,  ready to ship bags.    I am so excited to create with all of the wonderful bits and pieces of fabric I have collected over the years.   The feeling that I will have to recreate an exact bag stifles me.  My love is mixing a crazy variety of prints, but with the looming thoughts of recreating that mix holds me back.  It also clutters my work space with having to stock all of the fabrics, thus hindering my purchasing of new fabrics!  So off to one of a kind land.  I am prepared to pull out some of my favorite stash fabrics and use them until my heart is content.

To celebrate ringing in the new,  I will be clearing out a few bags that I have in stock.   Look for some terrific prices in the tag sale section.


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Taylor Swift was fortunate enough to get a keeta bag,  oops… I mean I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to include a keeta collection tote in a swag bag for Taylor Swift to receive while at  the CMA.

I started out making a soft form sweet bag when something very strange happened, it grew and grew into a gigantic beach bag.  Maybe a little too large for the occasion. 😉  So I reworked my pattern into a bag that is a terrific size for everyday.  Soft and cute, fits lots of goodies and stylish.   It seemed to fit her personality, soft and sweet but yet strong.  I will have it listed for sale on my website http://keetacollection.com/Taylor-Swift-Bag.htm.

My daughter Corri from PuppyDogsNPolkaDots sent a phone case and personalized key fob to complete the set.

We hope that she loves her new set and gets a lot of good use and complements.    Take a peek and see what you think.

And a big Congrats to Taylor!!

The Keeta Collection Bag designed for Taylor Swift.

Phone Case made for Taylor Swift.

Key Fob designed for Taylor Swift

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I come by it honestly, my family is filled with builders and do it yourselfers.  My father and brother are also afflicted with it…. the problem of LARGE.    When I find myself needing a new piece of furniture as well as a case of sore muscles and back aches I can simply turn to my dad.  He can build ANYTHING! 🙂  I should post some of the goodies he has made…  desk,  table, bed, dresser and on and on.  The problem is everything is sooo heavy and sometimes turns out slightly larger than intended.   If we are in question as to if he built the furniture we dont look  for a stamp or a signature, we simply try to lift it.  If we can’t, we know it was made by my Dad!

From time to time I find myself  breaking out with a bad case of the LARGE.  This week I made an adorable purse.  In my mind, it was a purse.   But I thought, ooohh let me make it oversized.  Then I thought… oohhh a little bigger..   Well, a bolt of fabric later, my purse is now a giant beach or shopping bag.   You wouldn’t be able to walk if you filled it completely full.  But I LOVE it.   It was a struggle to decide if I wanted to put it up for sale or keep it.   I decided to put it on the website before I caved.  Then I rushed over to order more of the same fabric for myself 😉  My future Daughter In Law had the nerve to ask me if at any point during the making process I thought maybe it was going to be quite large.  Well…. more is better right?    So without further ado  I present to you the Island Hopper, with linen straps, a burlap bottom and room for plenty!  But at least you can pick it up, it’s not heavy. 🙂

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The sun is out, the windows are open, the air is crisp and warm… what more could we ask for?  I have been dying to dig in and work on some of my new bags with the beautiful spring fabrics.   Why is it that each time I see a new Amy Butler fabric I think I MUST have it?    Good thing I spent the cold days reworking my studio, more room for fabric!

For your viewing (and buying) pleasure…

Handmade Purses by Vicki Ray

Cari in Dandelion

Boho Birds in beautiful spring colors

Handmade bag by Vicki Ray

Summer Soiree in a bold mix of summer flowers.

Handmade Bags by Vicki Ray

The beautiful oak fabric gets me every time.

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I just finished listing this tote bag, and it feels like shabby western to me.  Is that even a style?  If not, it should be.  If I had a baby girl I would keep this one for myself as a diaper bag.  Oh but wait, I had one of those beautiful blue industrial canvas diaper bags when my kids were little.  The choices were a tad limited.  I won’t even go into the maternity dress styles.  Let’s just say {ruffles}  We didn’t have an array of beautiful handmade diaper bags to choose from.

Shabby Western Tote

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Yummy yummy fabrics!   As I was playing around on the computer the other day with photoshop I made a picture that I loved.   So I whipped out my stash of printable fabric and printed up a few small pieces.   From there, this French Country Messenger Bag was born.  I added in bits of fabric I have been saving for a “special bag” and they all meshed together on this one of a kind bag.   I only wish I had a little baby so I could use this as a diaper bag.  Oh wait!  NO , I mean I only wish I had this bag when I HAD a little baby.   It would also be a great all day bag or weekender.  My daughter is currently eyeballing it for a school bag……. BACK OFF KID! 🙂

You can find this bag for sale HERE.


French Country Tote

Handmade French Country Tote Bag

French Country Diaper Bag

French Country Tote

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After a long weekend at the beach, I came back productive and ready to roll.   So to celebrate (and move some of these bags from my studio) I am offering a short term sale.  See what you can find!  Some of the newest bags are on my private sale page.  Come and get em!!

One of the bags currently on markdown.

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Big, I mean Big Markdowns!  🙂  Did that get you?  How about this – SUPER DUPER sale Prices???  Ok, this should work –

Brand New Styles at TAG SALE prices. 

I find the best way to get creative is to have a huge sale.  Keeps me on my toes.   Be sure to pop in and get your bag early, they will go quickly. 

Here are a few of the styles I have marked down for a short short time.

Yummy Sling Bag

The Mary Messenger in Mixed Marbles

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Oh how the time flies.  I can not believe it is already September.  That means tailgating, football, thoughts of fall (maybe not the actual weather, but we can think about it)  and before you know it, Christmas!   I have been busy busy busy sewing up a storm with no time to post.  I thought I would pop in and post a few pictures of my newest bags and its always a good excuse to post some cute pup pics… just because he is so adorable.   Enjoy.

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We all have gadgets – phones, iphones, ipods, kindles, nooks, you name it!    But we still have to be cute right?  Sooo why not dress up your gadgets and protect them as well.  My daughter Corri aka PuppyDogsNPolkaDots and I have been creating some new covers.  The phone/camera/ipod covers fit most sizes of phones.   And as usual, we are more than happy to create one just for your phone in your choice of fabrics and sizes.   So you dont have to ask any longer, Where can I find cute handmade gadget cases?  Here they are! 🙂

Kindle or Nook Cover / Case

Here's an especially cute Kindle/Nook Cover-Case-Sleeve!


Iphone, Ipod, Cell Phone, Camera Case/Cover/Sleeve

This is our blueberry burst cell phone, Ipod, Iphone, camera case, cover, sleeve, whatever you want to call it! 🙂

 If you purchase a bag, be sure to email me at KeetaCollection@aol.com if you want matching anything!   There will certainly be a discount involved! 🙂  We all love that.

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