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We have been working with zippers finally.  Quite a challenge, but two smart gals like ourselves… well that should be no problem.   HA.   Anyway they have been mastered.   So introducing our first – for sale – official listing of a delightful kindle – nook – or other ereader sleeve –  “Outdoor Market”  .   We will be offering these for sale on our ipad and ipad 2 sleeves as well, just email if you don’t see one listed for you. 🙂

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My dog Ramsey loves to get a good tan going.  He will spend hours laying out on the deck.  Do they have doggy sunscreen?  Better check that.   His little belly is actually getting browner by the day.  He tried to get his younger nephew involved, but he was more interested in chasing squirrels.    But finally, he worked his magic and the two of them were so content.    I am a bit shocked that Ramsey didn’t bring his beloved purple velour pillow with him.   He normally takes it to the door when he is ready to go sunbathing.

Try to stop thinking about the squirrels.

That is more like it!


**Furniture strewn about the yard makes for great decorating, doesn’t it?  Our grass doesn’t stand a chance of coming in with these two racing around, so we have blockaded the delicate parts. 🙂

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I come by it honestly, my family is filled with builders and do it yourselfers.  My father and brother are also afflicted with it…. the problem of LARGE.    When I find myself needing a new piece of furniture as well as a case of sore muscles and back aches I can simply turn to my dad.  He can build ANYTHING! 🙂  I should post some of the goodies he has made…  desk,  table, bed, dresser and on and on.  The problem is everything is sooo heavy and sometimes turns out slightly larger than intended.   If we are in question as to if he built the furniture we dont look  for a stamp or a signature, we simply try to lift it.  If we can’t, we know it was made by my Dad!

From time to time I find myself  breaking out with a bad case of the LARGE.  This week I made an adorable purse.  In my mind, it was a purse.   But I thought, ooohh let me make it oversized.  Then I thought… oohhh a little bigger..   Well, a bolt of fabric later, my purse is now a giant beach or shopping bag.   You wouldn’t be able to walk if you filled it completely full.  But I LOVE it.   It was a struggle to decide if I wanted to put it up for sale or keep it.   I decided to put it on the website before I caved.  Then I rushed over to order more of the same fabric for myself 😉  My future Daughter In Law had the nerve to ask me if at any point during the making process I thought maybe it was going to be quite large.  Well…. more is better right?    So without further ado  I present to you the Island Hopper, with linen straps, a burlap bottom and room for plenty!  But at least you can pick it up, it’s not heavy. 🙂

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Did you get an ipad 2?  I can’t imagine loving it more that I already love my ipad, but apparently… it’s new and improved.  My ipad already has a great battery life, but the ipad 2 is even longer.  Mine is light and easy to hold, but shockingly the ipad2 is lighter.  Crazy technology!

Well you are sure to want to dress it up.  Look no further for a funky and fun sleeves you can find a terrific variety of sleeves at www.PuppyDogsNPolkaDots.Etsy.com If you don’t see a print you like, scope out the kindle sleeves, as they can be upgraded to ipad sleeves as well.   Want a custom sleeve all your own?  Email KeetaCollection@aol.com and get an order started.  You can purchase just the sleeve for those of you that simply want to cover your ipad or upgrade to a padded sleeve with flap closure and if you want to go better than that, add a pocket across the front.  We can even customize to fit over your cases.  Simply ask. 🙂

Here are a few newbies.  I love the linen combos lately.  Especially with the matching phone cases.


ipad sleeve and ipod iphone sleeve

Fruit Salad - sleeves for the ipad, ipad2, iphone, ipod and various other phones sizes.

French Riviera - ipad, ipad2, kindle, ereaders and phone cases

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Look at this cute sleeve my daughter just created to fit your iphone, ipod, or other assorted cell phones.  I adore the bright colors and the elephant print is too fun!  This mix of fabrics might be the most fun she has created so far.  I also love the kindle, nook, sony, etc. ereader sleeve that matches.   And of course she is really tempting me with the ipad sleeve.…  wonder if she would charge me?

No need to go digging for your phone - it will be easy to find in this case.

A cozy home for your ereader.

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