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We finally had a few days to sneak away to the beach, and it was perfect.   The weather was just right, the water was nice and cool, the sand was…well sandy and the little house we rent was available.  Thought I would post a couple of pictures to make you envious! 🙂  If you have never visited the west coast of Florida, you really should.  The only flaw in the weekend was the grouchy man that yelled at us for dipping our dogs toes in the water.   Really we weren’t going to stay on the beach with them, just run them to the water and run them back.  Grrr on no dogs allowed.

My hubby and friend.

Wonderful west coast sunset

The sunsets are reason enough to visit the beach.

Thats my youngins.... part of them anyway, can you guess which two look alike?

Indian Rocks Beach

Yes, that would be my son and my daughter's boyfriend in those pink tubes.

Another night, another sunset. Never gets old


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It’s been a couple of crazy days in Florida waiting to see what the storm has in store for us.  I think a little stress reduction is in order.  This scrumptious sugar scrub by BidwellBotanicals.com is the yummiest.   I have been hoarding this particular scent, secretly waiting for my daughter to go back to school… I share a lot of things, but not this!  Sorry Corri!

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How can we go from this

Caught in a surf trance

Brandon & Steph caught in a surf trance

 to waiting for a hurricane in one day.   Over the weekend we took a crazy and relaxing trip to Crescent Beach, Florida.  It was our first visit there, and hopefully not our last.  What a great area!  Just a short drive away from St. Augustine, this beach is beautiful.   

We will wait for the storm, with fingers crossed that this one will not turn into a hurricane.

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Morning Bliss at Ponce Inlet, Florida

Morning Bliss at Ponce Inlet, Florida

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