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My daughter and I have become obsessed with Ree Drummond, Pioneer woman.  We love her cookbook, blog and her basset hound Charlie.   Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a book signing.  She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog  http://thepioneerwoman.com    If you haven’t visited, do so … NOW, today, but only after you finish up here.  And take a look at her recipes.  She includes a ton of pictures.  I LOVE to cook by pictures.   Then you can compare your mess to her beautiful pictures.  Makes a girl feel good.

Pioneer Woman

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This year I planted a few cosmo seeds and they took off – highly unusual for any plant depending on me for care.   But I gave it my all this year.  I suppose that is what will happen with a little TLC and maybe a tiny bit of water.  In my family, I am famous for letting a plant get as close to death as possible and then watering.   It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling watching it revive back to life.

Back to my cosmos, they grew, they started showing signs of buds, and all of the sudden, A FLOWER!!   I really have a flower!   This morning it was standing up so straight and tall – perfect posture.  Within an hour it was already looking for the sun.  I love this little cosmo face filled with sunshine.   Maybe by tomorrow I will have more.

My first cosmo

Beautiful little cosmo looking for sun.

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