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Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts

WOW…. Are You Serious?

Ok, so in the spirit of moving on from the January Blues I am offering a little special deal to five of my closest friends.  (you will be after this)  Start shopping www.KeetaCollection.com .   The first five people that email me about an order will receive their bag at half price (on original prices – but I might even discount a sale bag or two?  Just ask)  This means custom orders too!!! All you have to do is email me at KeetaCollection@aol.com and we can set up a sale.   I do work best under pressure, so I am hoping this offer will get my brain and heart in the same working place 🙂 .  The offer is for a short time, and  I’ll update when its over.


UPDATE ~  Thanks girls!  I had a blast working on your projects!  What a wonderful inspiration.  I’ll have to do this again sometime.  Keep a lookout.  Also sign up for my mailing list on KeetaCollection.com  for sale information.


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With too much fabric and too little time, I sometimes become overwhelmed.  But a trip to the blog of Anna Maria Horner is always inspiring.  I adore her fabrics.  This picture from her blog makes me want to drop everything and run off to sew!   Hmmm maybe I should pop in there more often.

I have many of these fabrics and have used a few.   Here are a couple of bags that I have for sale with a few of her fabrics. 


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