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My dog Ramsey loves to get a good tan going.  He will spend hours laying out on the deck.  Do they have doggy sunscreen?  Better check that.   His little belly is actually getting browner by the day.  He tried to get his younger nephew involved, but he was more interested in chasing squirrels.    But finally, he worked his magic and the two of them were so content.    I am a bit shocked that Ramsey didn’t bring his beloved purple velour pillow with him.   He normally takes it to the door when he is ready to go sunbathing.

Try to stop thinking about the squirrels.

That is more like it!


**Furniture strewn about the yard makes for great decorating, doesn’t it?  Our grass doesn’t stand a chance of coming in with these two racing around, so we have blockaded the delicate parts. 🙂


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I couldn’t resist taking pics of my pup today.  He is the ultimate relaxer.


He might be fast asleep, but that radar ear is always  listening.  

He  seems to be dreaming about orthodontics. 

Ooops, I have been caught. 

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Bath Time

Bath Time

I had to post this just because….    Have you ever seen such a cutie?  It’s bath time for the Ramsey.  He does love to be clean before bedtime.   It is such fun having a dog in the house again.  Although my work time to dog time ratio is a little unbalanced……

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With life finally settling down a bit, I thought I would slip in a little post Christmas bragging.  I shopped handmade this year a bit more and found quite a few wonderful gifts.   These earrings were made by a super talented and extremely fun artist on etsy.   My daughter has had a hard time making herself take these earrings off…. wonder if she is afraid I will take them?

Christmas Earrings Custom Made by BellaJewels

Christmas Earrings Custom Made by BellaJewels

I gave her an idea of what I wanted, pretty vague to be honest, and she jumped right into my brain and made the perfect pair.   She has two shops on Etsy filled with the most beautiful items, so be prepared to drool away!



Next, I went on a search for a small funky spoon rest for my Mom.  That is exactly what I found!    I purchased this fun rest and my Mom LOVES it!    This seller has some fun and funky pottery pieces, so be sure to pop into her shop too.


 Funky Dotted Spoon Rest

Funky Dotted Spoon Rest

And nowwww, a favorite gift that my husband and I recieved…..  a puzzle with our dog’s face.  I believe these puzzles are handcut and they are amazing.  The carpenters and woodworkers in the family (and we have many!)  were all amazed at the intricate cutting of this puzzle.  It was fun to put together, and a great quality gift that will last forever.  Sorry I don’t have a better picture, but we took him apart for the next time.


Extremely Handsome Dog Puzzle! 🙂

The best thing about shopping handmade is the quality of the gift and the quality of the customer service.  Not only can you get an item custom made to your specifications, but you can get answers in a heartbeat to any questions, speedy shipping and one of a kind gifts.

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The dog days of fall?

I'm dog tired!

It looks like we all feel the same.   Between football games at two schools and creating more bags, I feel like I could curl right up with Bocephus, my son’s black lab.  He is apparently worn out as well.

It’s been back and forth between the two schools for a couple of weeks.  I just hope I dont get confused and wear the wrong gear for one of the games.  I am making it a goal this week, as we have no home games, to have at least one new design up on KeetaCollection.com

Bran & Steph at the Century Tower

Bran & Steph at the Century Tower


This is my son and his fiance at the Century Tower at University of Florida.  Did I mention that not only is she beautiful, she is such a good sport.   He tends to be a little, teeny, tiny bit on the goofy side.




Corri & Matt - UCF

This is my daughter and her boyfriend at a UCF game in Orlando.   I know I am the mom, but i have to say it….Aren’t they just the cutest.  

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Check out this stylish pup!

I found this cute pup and collar on etsy.  Collar is for sale, pup not.   The price is pretty terrific, and the colors are bright and fun.

Check it out here  http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=13735974

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