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With the start of a new year there comes a time of reflection.   As I look over the past year I can see how blessed I have been.   The highlight was the birth of our first grandchild.   I have been fortunate to have a good bit of time with him.


Looking back I also am grateful for the business my daughter and I share,  oh koey, has kept us quite busy.    We sell mostly from etsy and have a great time working together.


With the baby and the business I have decided that I need to simplify a few things.   In order to free up more time (and therefore scoop up more baby time 🙂  )  I have given up wholesale accounts.    The best part of that is that I can create more one of a kind,  ready to ship bags.    I am so excited to create with all of the wonderful bits and pieces of fabric I have collected over the years.   The feeling that I will have to recreate an exact bag stifles me.  My love is mixing a crazy variety of prints, but with the looming thoughts of recreating that mix holds me back.  It also clutters my work space with having to stock all of the fabrics, thus hindering my purchasing of new fabrics!  So off to one of a kind land.  I am prepared to pull out some of my favorite stash fabrics and use them until my heart is content.

To celebrate ringing in the new,  I will be clearing out a few bags that I have in stock.   Look for some terrific prices in the tag sale section.


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Oh Baby Little Chick

Oh Baby Little Chick

My latest custom creation, a full set for the little chick bag.   I get  some kind happy  Martha Stewart satisfaction from making the whole set.  Burp cloths, changing pad and diaper wristlet…   its just all too cute.  Wonder what cute little baby this set is for? 

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