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I just finished listing this tote bag, and it feels like shabby western to me.  Is that even a style?  If not, it should be.  If I had a baby girl I would keep this one for myself as a diaper bag.  Oh but wait, I had one of those beautiful blue industrial canvas diaper bags when my kids were little.  The choices were a tad limited.  I won’t even go into the maternity dress styles.  Let’s just say {ruffles}  We didn’t have an array of beautiful handmade diaper bags to choose from.

Shabby Western Tote


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My daughter has called for help.  She is overloaded with orders for kindle covers, phone cases and key fobs, thus resulting in our favorite kind of day… A sew day.   Picture fabric flying, hair snarled, threads all over and lots of laughing.   As I was gathering everything I need to take to her (you would think she lives more than 1 hour 45 minutes away!)  I was reminded of a conversation we had when she was about 5.  I asked her what she thought she might like to be when she grew up.

A little look back on my daughter would reveal the following things about her:

1.  CUTE!!

2. CUTE turned into beautiful.

3.  Unpredictable.    From playing with baby dolls every day to dressing up as Frank Thomas from the Chicago White Sox for Halloween.

4. A girl that went from having to be told that if she was going to wear her brother’s hand me downs, then at least wear a hair bow to a girl that loves makeup, hair and shopping.

5.  Dirty (as in mud, dirt, grass – you name it)  Not that she started the day that way, but she played hard and kept up with her older brother.

6.  Funny, in a way that she would say things you never expect to hear and phrased in a way that would make you giggle.

7.  Sweet, so sweet .. when she would get hurt and I picked her up SHE would pat MY back.

8.  Fierce and fiercely loyal!  She once beat up the neighbor boy for calling her friend fat.

9.  SMART!!

10 – 50 .   TOMBOY

Back to her dream.   She wanted to build a house across the street and live there and sew with me every day!   I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her kindergarten teacher told me I needed to practice with her on cutting.  She was smart as a whip, cute as a bug and couldn’t cut paper properly! 🙂   Over the years  I would chuckle at the thought of that tomboy sewing with me for a living.   Well lo and behold that is exactly what has happened!   I know that when she graduates from college she might move on to bigger and better things, but I am enjoying the dream for now.

I am off to help her sew and bring a few projects of my own for her to help me sew.

Corri and her buddy, Hunt.

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I noticed that we have been selling quite  a few of our funky owl kindle and nook sleeves.  So I thought I would go on an owl search.   There are too many cute one’s out there!

Here is one of our owl kindle cases.

Funky Handmade Kindle Cover - Hoot Owl

And here are some really cute items from Etsy with owls.

Little Owl Pillow from ManicMuffinTotes on Etsy.

Owl Wall Sticker by Simple Shapes on Etsy

Owl Wall Sticker by Simple Shapes on Etsy

Owl Hat made by mypolkadotprincesss on Etsy.

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An Unlikely Couple

My dog and his gal…. Ramsey and Kisses.   They meet up in the street on their walks.  Sometimes she pops out of her house, looks over her shoulder to be sure that her Mom isn’t watching, runs to the street and snags a few kisses then runs back inside with her Mother none the wiser!  She is a sly little girl.

Ramsey and Kisses

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Yummy yummy fabrics!   As I was playing around on the computer the other day with photoshop I made a picture that I loved.   So I whipped out my stash of printable fabric and printed up a few small pieces.   From there, this French Country Messenger Bag was born.  I added in bits of fabric I have been saving for a “special bag” and they all meshed together on this one of a kind bag.   I only wish I had a little baby so I could use this as a diaper bag.  Oh wait!  NO , I mean I only wish I had this bag when I HAD a little baby.   It would also be a great all day bag or weekender.  My daughter is currently eyeballing it for a school bag……. BACK OFF KID! 🙂

You can find this bag for sale HERE.


French Country Tote

Handmade French Country Tote Bag

French Country Diaper Bag

French Country Tote

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