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Oh so fun, the summer before your leave for college.  Preparing, getting all the dorm goodies, new clothes, finding out who the new room mate will be.  It’s all fun and games until you leave your Mom bawling in the hallway!   Those are two days I will never forget, leaving my son and then my daughter at their schools oh so far away (36.5  minutes  and 1:42.5 minutes away)  Those were two of my saddest and yet proudest moments.  My kids could have asked for anything at all the weeks before and it would probably have been theirs.    So now is the time, hit your Mom up!  Time to get that new laptop sleeve for that sparkling new macbook you got for graduation.  I mean after all what Mom wants her little precious girl to go to college without a stylish macbook?     Well since you asked, we can certainly help you figure out what sleeve to purchase.  We have a few in our shop as well as the ability to custom make one from any of our fabrics. Here is one of our best sellers, The Summertime Fruity Patches.

Funky Handmade ipad, kindle and laptop sleeves

The Summertime Fruity Patches Macbook Sleeve

Then again, everyone loves the Sis Boom

Sis Boom Macbook Sleeve


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