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Yikes, has it really been this long.  I feel like we have been living in the sewing studio.    Since my daughter’s move back to our town it has been crazy, and mostly work, not enough play.   It feels we have neglected everything for so long.

Rather than pop in and post a few wonderfully exciting post I think I will lump it into one.  You can glance through the photos and see what we have been up to lately.     In honor of my terrible blogging skills I will be presenting a mishmash of cute new items as well as just cute!  Ta Da…

Funky Ipad Sleeve

A cute ipad case in funky fabrics.

Scary Yet Adorable Dog

A Dog and His Ears

Funky Paisley Ipad Sleeve

Super Cute Handmade Fabric iPad Case in Paisley

Wedding Snapshots

A Bride and Her Man (My daughter in law and son) and.... her Brother??

Matching Accessories for iPad Cases

A Superb Set of Matching iPad Case Accessories

Two sweet little donkeys


SPLASH! Riley goes for the gold. Excellent form.

My latest painting project.

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My daughter has called for help.  She is overloaded with orders for kindle covers, phone cases and key fobs, thus resulting in our favorite kind of day… A sew day.   Picture fabric flying, hair snarled, threads all over and lots of laughing.   As I was gathering everything I need to take to her (you would think she lives more than 1 hour 45 minutes away!)  I was reminded of a conversation we had when she was about 5.  I asked her what she thought she might like to be when she grew up.

A little look back on my daughter would reveal the following things about her:

1.  CUTE!!

2. CUTE turned into beautiful.

3.  Unpredictable.    From playing with baby dolls every day to dressing up as Frank Thomas from the Chicago White Sox for Halloween.

4. A girl that went from having to be told that if she was going to wear her brother’s hand me downs, then at least wear a hair bow to a girl that loves makeup, hair and shopping.

5.  Dirty (as in mud, dirt, grass – you name it)  Not that she started the day that way, but she played hard and kept up with her older brother.

6.  Funny, in a way that she would say things you never expect to hear and phrased in a way that would make you giggle.

7.  Sweet, so sweet .. when she would get hurt and I picked her up SHE would pat MY back.

8.  Fierce and fiercely loyal!  She once beat up the neighbor boy for calling her friend fat.

9.  SMART!!

10 – 50 .   TOMBOY

Back to her dream.   She wanted to build a house across the street and live there and sew with me every day!   I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her kindergarten teacher told me I needed to practice with her on cutting.  She was smart as a whip, cute as a bug and couldn’t cut paper properly! 🙂   Over the years  I would chuckle at the thought of that tomboy sewing with me for a living.   Well lo and behold that is exactly what has happened!   I know that when she graduates from college she might move on to bigger and better things, but I am enjoying the dream for now.

I am off to help her sew and bring a few projects of my own for her to help me sew.

Corri and her buddy, Hunt.

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An Unlikely Couple

My dog and his gal…. Ramsey and Kisses.   They meet up in the street on their walks.  Sometimes she pops out of her house, looks over her shoulder to be sure that her Mom isn’t watching, runs to the street and snags a few kisses then runs back inside with her Mother none the wiser!  She is a sly little girl.

Ramsey and Kisses

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We finally had a few days to sneak away to the beach, and it was perfect.   The weather was just right, the water was nice and cool, the sand was…well sandy and the little house we rent was available.  Thought I would post a couple of pictures to make you envious! 🙂  If you have never visited the west coast of Florida, you really should.  The only flaw in the weekend was the grouchy man that yelled at us for dipping our dogs toes in the water.   Really we weren’t going to stay on the beach with them, just run them to the water and run them back.  Grrr on no dogs allowed.

My hubby and friend.

Wonderful west coast sunset

The sunsets are reason enough to visit the beach.

Thats my youngins.... part of them anyway, can you guess which two look alike?

Indian Rocks Beach

Yes, that would be my son and my daughter's boyfriend in those pink tubes.

Another night, another sunset. Never gets old

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Once again, the daughter has outdone the mother.  Dont you hate  love it when that happens.   I may have mentioned, but I taught my daughter everything she knows.  Not only that, but I also included an extremely smart brain when I gave her life!   Is it not enought that she is younger, has better skin, hair, teeth and a tad, just a tad skinnier than me? 

When Corri started her etsy business I worked with her on photos, critiquing and inspiring and blowing her ego all over the place. (as if I was any sort of expert! )   Eventually, she wowed me with her pics.  On to the Kindle Covers.  We have been working together on operation kindle – nook – ereader – cell phone – ipod – iphone covers.  A very serious undertaking.  I thought the pics would be a snap.  But not so.  It has come down to this… Corri telling me to just mail her the covers for photos.  Hmmph!  🙂    Really?  Yes, Really!  Look at some of her latest photos.  I love the coffee cup.. just makes you want to take a break and sit down with a cup of coffee and read.

Run over to her shop and see the other covers, sleeves, cases .. whatever you want to call them… for the ereaders.  We customize them to fit nooks, kindles, and even ipads.     Puppy Dogs N Polka Dots  You will probably be able to see which pictures were mine, or at least the ones she has not redone!

Sis Boom Fabric Handmade Kindle Sleeve


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Oh how the time flies.  I can not believe it is already September.  That means tailgating, football, thoughts of fall (maybe not the actual weather, but we can think about it)  and before you know it, Christmas!   I have been busy busy busy sewing up a storm with no time to post.  I thought I would pop in and post a few pictures of my newest bags and its always a good excuse to post some cute pup pics… just because he is so adorable.   Enjoy.

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July was a busy, but fun month!  With two birthdays in the family, we decided to take a trip to Indian Rocks Beach for a week.  Luckily were able to find a beach house that allowed dogs, and bring along the two trouble makers, Ramsey and Bo (my son’s dog).  We had a great time with the kids, dogs and family friends coming to visit.  What more could more could I ask for, a vacation with the family, great food at Crabby Bills, constant sunshine and warm waters!  The only downside to the trip was that we found out there were no dog beaches near by.  After the trip we were anxious to take Ramsey to a beach where he could test out the waters.  Since we rescued him from Hound Haven earlier this year we have not had the chance to take him on the beach.   My husband and I decided to take a quick day trip to Flagler Beach so Ramsey could play in the water.  He loved it!  Although…judging from the picture above, I do not think he was too thrilled about the sand that got in his mouth!  Anyway, we had a great trip and I just wanted to share a few pictures of my kids.

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When the pool warms up, the “kids” come out to play…   We call this group, the CannonBall 5.  They jump, they dive, they flop, its all so much fun!   But I think the most fun is being the photographer and watching as they plan their next big jump.

Cannonball 5 at it again!

Cannonball 5 at it again!

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Bath Time

Bath Time

I had to post this just because….    Have you ever seen such a cutie?  It’s bath time for the Ramsey.  He does love to be clean before bedtime.   It is such fun having a dog in the house again.  Although my work time to dog time ratio is a little unbalanced……

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We finally took the jump.   It has been about a year and a half since we lost our wonderful dog Hunter.  He gave us almost 16 fun, crazy and lovable years.    We have been back and forth visiting dogs from Houndhaven, contemplating adoption.   Finally we met a sweet little lab we could not resist.   His name is Ramsey and he is about 2 years old.  What a loveable little fellow.  He fits right in the family, and we are so glad to have him.  Finally things feel right around here again! 

HUNTER – we miss you!



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