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Spring has turned into summer too quickly around here.  We started out early with a beautiful wedding for our daughter Corri and her dashing new husband Matt at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.   It was a small mostly family wedding.  I never realized how hard it would be to not include everyone that we love.  But with an outdoor reception space that was limited we had to start cutting the list.  In the end, it was the perfect number.

We could not have asked for better weather, company or a better location.  Let me tell you, this is the way to do it.  We rented a beach cottage for the week before.  Spent the days relaxing, the evenings relaxing, and in between relaxing.  Until the final countdown, where we bolted into action, prepping tables, food, flowers and everything in between.  It was such a great week and we will always treasure those memories.  Even the dogs had a great time.Image

I won’t bore you with the entire album, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the wedding.


Corri’s dress was designed by both of us.  It was a fun undertaking, we started with some ideas and a couple of bolts of fabric.  I was the main sew girl, but she did call most of the shots in the final design.  I think it turned out to be a beautiful dress.   Can I just say I could be happy wrapped in silk chiffon from head to toe!



We are finally back in the swing of things.  Would much rather be lounging on the beach!   So instead of soaking up the rays, I have been soaking up the fabrics.  Yeah… it’s almost as much fun isn’t it?  I’ll pop in a few pics of some of the new bags and ipad /macbook sleeves we have been busy creating.  I have to say I have been on a Jennifer Paganelli streak lately.  I love her bright flowered fabrics.     Wandering off to another subject, it must be time for everyone to purchase their computers to take to college.  We have been swamped with orders for Macbook Sleeves.  Hope all the girls ready to leave home for the first time enjoy their new macbook homes.

I love these prints, and if I had a little girl, this would be a keeper for me.  Its a large tote style just right for a diaper bag.  Equally as cute for a school bag.

Baby Bag, Diaper Bag, Bright Flower Tote

Large Scrunch Purse

Apparently Chevron Fabric is the way to go.  This chevron macbook sleeve has been a big hit this season.

Macbook Sleeve in Blue Chevron


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I just finished listing this tote bag, and it feels like shabby western to me.  Is that even a style?  If not, it should be.  If I had a baby girl I would keep this one for myself as a diaper bag.  Oh but wait, I had one of those beautiful blue industrial canvas diaper bags when my kids were little.  The choices were a tad limited.  I won’t even go into the maternity dress styles.  Let’s just say {ruffles}  We didn’t have an array of beautiful handmade diaper bags to choose from.

Shabby Western Tote

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Yummy yummy fabrics!   As I was playing around on the computer the other day with photoshop I made a picture that I loved.   So I whipped out my stash of printable fabric and printed up a few small pieces.   From there, this French Country Messenger Bag was born.  I added in bits of fabric I have been saving for a “special bag” and they all meshed together on this one of a kind bag.   I only wish I had a little baby so I could use this as a diaper bag.  Oh wait!  NO , I mean I only wish I had this bag when I HAD a little baby.   It would also be a great all day bag or weekender.  My daughter is currently eyeballing it for a school bag……. BACK OFF KID! 🙂

You can find this bag for sale HERE.


French Country Tote

Handmade French Country Tote Bag

French Country Diaper Bag

French Country Tote

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After a long weekend at the beach, I came back productive and ready to roll.   So to celebrate (and move some of these bags from my studio) I am offering a short term sale.  See what you can find!  Some of the newest bags are on my private sale page.  Come and get em!!

One of the bags currently on markdown.

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Big, I mean Big Markdowns!  🙂  Did that get you?  How about this – SUPER DUPER sale Prices???  Ok, this should work –

Brand New Styles at TAG SALE prices. 

I find the best way to get creative is to have a huge sale.  Keeps me on my toes.   Be sure to pop in and get your bag early, they will go quickly. 

Here are a few of the styles I have marked down for a short short time.

Yummy Sling Bag

The Mary Messenger in Mixed Marbles

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Oh how the time flies.  I can not believe it is already September.  That means tailgating, football, thoughts of fall (maybe not the actual weather, but we can think about it)  and before you know it, Christmas!   I have been busy busy busy sewing up a storm with no time to post.  I thought I would pop in and post a few pictures of my newest bags and its always a good excuse to post some cute pup pics… just because he is so adorable.   Enjoy.

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Whew!  I have had an idea in my head for this bag for a while, but it was a tough pattern to create.  (for me that is)  I’ll be making this bag with or without zippers.  In fact, I did make one for myself without a zipper. Pretty exciting, I never carry the newest bags.  But I forced myself to make two at one time so I could.  🙂    I’ll post that photo too.  What I love about carrying the magnetic closure version of this bag is when I want to dig in there to locate something it opens up really wide.  Kind of like a bucket.   Just my speed.  In fact, way way back when I needed a diaper bag  I would have used this rather than the ugly versions we had!Large Handmade Tote

Here is my very own bag!  🙂 

Large, Funky Handmade Tote

See how I can fill the insides …. It will never be this empty again! 


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