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We have decked the halls, and of all the decorations, I love my little vintage ornament tree the best.    I think I got this idea from Martha Stewart a while back, and I am so happy I did. 

The ornaments came from my Mother and well, hard to admit, but a trash pile.  Yep, a trash pile.   When my kids were of ripe trash picking ages we spotted some boxes with old ornaments beside a busy street.  So, good mother  that I am, I let the kids out, they scavenged and jumped back in the car.  As we circled the block they informed me, with a twinkle in their eyes,  that there were more!  lots more!  So three circles in traffic later we had a car full of boxes.  Some junk, some great ornaments.   It was indeed our lucky day.    Ever since then, it has been hard to keep my son out of junk piles on the roadside.  🙂


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Warning:  Bragging Mom Moment

Open for business!  Let me brag about my daughter just a bit.    Corri has opened her own etsy shop, www.PuppyDogsNPolkaDots.etsy.com  .   She has some adorable key fobs for sale.  

Her story is one of a hard working girl.  When she was 15 she worked over the Christmas holidays at the seasonal outdoor ice skating rink (yes! In Florida!! How fun)   Then when she turned 16 she worked at a local grocery store saving up money for college.  Summers and school breaks were spent working long hours.  Once she left home for school she found a job near her school at the same grocery chain.   

Recently Corri obtained an internship with the American Lung Association.  She is loving every minute of her new job. She hopes to work for a non-profit in the future.    Sadly her job at the grocery store had to come to an end.  (yes, my little weekly reports of current sales and great bargains has ended too)   The mixed hours of school and interning left very little blocks of time for a regular job.   Not a girl to sit idle, Corri began making key fobs.  They are adorable, in fact I had to go into her shop and purchase one before it was gone.  

She is hoping to sell enough to make a little gas money to keep her afloat.  So if you need a cute little gift or like me, want one for yourself, click over to her store and see what you think.  They are a bargain at under $6.00.    www.PuppyDogsNPolkaDots.etsy.com  I am making my Christmas list now!

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