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Indian Rocks Beach Wedding DIY

Having been through two DIY weddings in the last couple of years I have a few thoughts that rumble through my mind regarding a beautiful DIY wedding from the Mother of the Bride perspective.

1.  Make your list, one list!  We had lists for this and lists for that and eventually they all became mixed with each other.   It would have been so much easier on us to have one page with everything in categories, printed and saved on the computer so we could modify and reprint as necessary.  

2.  Prepare for anything, HA.  Both weddings were outdoors.  The first one turned out to be a glorious sunny and somewhat windy day.  How were we to ever guess that the winds would be gusting at 30 mph? in the open farmhouse field.  Yep, we had table top disasters.   Second wedding we had ideas for how to handle the wind should it kick up.  HEAVY decorations haha.    In any case, you can not prepare for everything, but my lesson learned with wedding number 1 would be to prepare my brain and heart that things might not go as planned and to move on.  It was hard to let go of our initial idea and realize that all table decorations would now be stacked together to create an awesome display with hay bales by the food tables.  

DIY Wedding Peacock Theme

Notice the little tree in the background. Normally it stands nice and tall and straight.

3.  Get help!  When you think you have enough, get some more.  The day goes so quickly that setting up all of the beautiful creations you have made will be much better with more help.

beach wedding table ideas

4.  Give in to letting some things go.   Enjoy the day as it occurs and realize that the entire day will be the memory, not just the ceremony.   My daughter would have had a hair style that might have held up better on the beach had she not

a) gone for ice cream at the corner ice cream store with her bridesmaids on the spur of the moment {how could one of the girls go back to her state without stopping in for ice cream}  

b) run down the street in her PJs with her father {who was not in PJ’s 🙂  } to see what the commotion was when a helicopter flew overhead and landed nearby.

But those memories are way more important than a hairstyle. And in the end, her hair was beachy and pretty and so much her personality.Beach Wedding Hairstyle

5.  {this is the most important one for me} Give your vision to someone else.   Although I had great help setting up, my daughter and I were the only ones with the true vision of what we wanted.  Therefor, every single aspect involved us stopping what we were doing to give someone the vision of exactly how their job was to be carried out.  Looking back, I would certainly have talked it out beforehand and maybe a few diagrams would have been terrific.

When all is said and done, you will be left with some terrific memories to sit back and reflect upon.



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Spring has turned into summer too quickly around here.  We started out early with a beautiful wedding for our daughter Corri and her dashing new husband Matt at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.   It was a small mostly family wedding.  I never realized how hard it would be to not include everyone that we love.  But with an outdoor reception space that was limited we had to start cutting the list.  In the end, it was the perfect number.

We could not have asked for better weather, company or a better location.  Let me tell you, this is the way to do it.  We rented a beach cottage for the week before.  Spent the days relaxing, the evenings relaxing, and in between relaxing.  Until the final countdown, where we bolted into action, prepping tables, food, flowers and everything in between.  It was such a great week and we will always treasure those memories.  Even the dogs had a great time.Image

I won’t bore you with the entire album, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the wedding.


Corri’s dress was designed by both of us.  It was a fun undertaking, we started with some ideas and a couple of bolts of fabric.  I was the main sew girl, but she did call most of the shots in the final design.  I think it turned out to be a beautiful dress.   Can I just say I could be happy wrapped in silk chiffon from head to toe!



We are finally back in the swing of things.  Would much rather be lounging on the beach!   So instead of soaking up the rays, I have been soaking up the fabrics.  Yeah… it’s almost as much fun isn’t it?  I’ll pop in a few pics of some of the new bags and ipad /macbook sleeves we have been busy creating.  I have to say I have been on a Jennifer Paganelli streak lately.  I love her bright flowered fabrics.     Wandering off to another subject, it must be time for everyone to purchase their computers to take to college.  We have been swamped with orders for Macbook Sleeves.  Hope all the girls ready to leave home for the first time enjoy their new macbook homes.

I love these prints, and if I had a little girl, this would be a keeper for me.  Its a large tote style just right for a diaper bag.  Equally as cute for a school bag.

Baby Bag, Diaper Bag, Bright Flower Tote

Large Scrunch Purse

Apparently Chevron Fabric is the way to go.  This chevron macbook sleeve has been a big hit this season.

Macbook Sleeve in Blue Chevron

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